I Woke Up In My Clothes

Aaron Stern

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ISBN: 9788862083522

I Woke Up In My Clothes is a visual narrative that depicts relationships and the inevitable void filled with refracted light and color. Capturing lost intimate moments and shattered landscapes ranging from Rockaway Beach after Hurricane Sandy to the empty lots on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles, these photographs are the artist’s attempt to capture a world view that life is periods of positive connections that punctuate the isolation of modern existence and the inevitable decay that faces all human endeavors. With the exception of one image the photographs are captured on 35mm and medium format film from 2006 – 2013.

Aaron Stern is an American photographer born (1978) in Washington DC and residing in New York City. I Woke Up In My Clothes is his second photographic book to be published.
language:English pages: 96 illustrations: 50 binding: clothbound release: December 2013
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