The Buzz Project Collection

Alessandro Cosmelli, Gaia Light

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ISBN: 9788862085601 / C

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'The Buzz Project' represents a symbolic portrait of the contemporary metropolis and its inhabitants, as seen through the moving frame of a bus window. So far, the authors have explored Milan, Brooklyn, São Paulo, Havana, Mumbai and Istanbul. Damiani has published 'Brooklyn Buzz' (2012), 'Milano Buzz' (2015) and 'Havana Buzz' (2017).

'Brooklyn Buzz' - Cosmelli and Light have been photographing Brooklyn, capturing the borough at its most social and vibrant. “The windows work as filters with the outside,” they write of this project, “sometimes like enlarging lenses, amplifying, revealing unpredictable details, capturing life as it is in that precise moment, in the streets, at the bus stop, through the windows of a local deli; other times they work more like protective barriers that allow you to penetrate deeply into people’s lives.”

'Milano Buzz' - This second chapter of The Buzz Project' is a visual exploration that links the polished city center to its gritty suburbs, the high and the low, the glamorous and the real. It is a portrait that bares the multifaceted and cosmopolitan soul of Milan.

'Havana Buzz' - The anti-urban character of Cuba’s communist rule, and the inflexible embargo imposed by the United States cast a paralyzing spell on the lavish metropolis, freezing it in time. 'Havana Buzz' explores Cuba’s capital at this time of long-awaited historical transition. Here caught in fleeting glimpses from its public buses, Havana’s features are dispassionately laid bare, and the truth is revealed beyond the myth.

Alessandro Cosmelli is a documentary photographer born in Livorno, Italy. His work has taken him to travel throughout South America, West Africa, Middle East, Asia, focusing in recent years on the United States of the Obama era. His images have been extensively exhibited internationally, featured in leading international newspaper and magazines, and broadcast across major multimedia platforms.

Gaia Light is a photographer and filmmaker born in Rome, Italy. Her current work, presented mainly through photography-based series, focuses on Contemporary Society: a conceptually and critically framed approach to the image as cultural artifact, this work utilizes photography, video, installation, and performance. Her photographs and artwork have been extensively exhibited internationally and published by leading international newspapers, magazines and multimedia platforms.
language:English pages: 208+208+224 illustrations: 94+120+170 binding: softcover with jacket release: from October 2012 to June 2017
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