A Thousand Rainbows

Lia Chavez

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ISBN: 9788862082990

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Lia Chavez deepens her exploration of performance-generated imagery in this recent photographic series, which uncovers the stunning, surreal parallels between heavenly bodies and earthly ones. Disorienting, unsettling, and strangely beautiful, A Thousand Rainbows is a body of work which delves into the material and spiritual essence of relationship through the vehicle of improvisational dance. According to Chavez, “From observing the physical universe, we know that form
is the manifestation of relationship between two forces. By way of various contemporary dance strategies, I recreate this dialectical drama - between myself and my model - within the microcosm of my studio in order to probe objects hidden within deep inner space.” Lia Chavez is an internationally exhibited visual and performance artist who lives and works in New York City. Focusing on themes of illumination, embodiment and becoming, her practice incorporates a diverse range of media
with an emphasis on performance-generated photography.
language:English Pages: 96 Illustrazioni: 60 Binding: Hardbound Release: July 2013
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