Gotham City | Collector's Edition

Luca Campigotto

€ 550,00

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Collector's Edition of 40 copies.

ISBN: 9788862082389

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The Collector's Edition of 'Gotham City' includes the book and this print numbered and signed by Luca Campigotto: 'View from the Rockfeller Center', 2005, 13,8 x 11 inches.
This special limited edition to 40 copies include a signed and numbered print by Luca Campigotto.

This is a Gotham City reconstructed from memory, often infused with a glassy light and an atmosphere sometimes glowing with vivid colors, other times wrapped in muted hues.
language:Italiano|English Pages: 120 Illustrations: 70 Binding: hardback + cloth box Release: Novembre 2012
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