Sol LeWitt

Sol LeWitt

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Three mural drawings by the famous conceptual artist. Text by Ester Coen and Giovanni Maria Accame.

ISBN: 978 88 89431 59 7

“I wanted to render form but without space” – this comment by Sol Lewitt 10 years ago encapsulates the reasoning that led him to spell out his ideas on art on walls. His wall drawings were the result of a harmony between pure sentiment and the need to put down the notions, parameters and rules of painting itself within a simple and minimalist framework.
Sol LeWitt (1928-2007) is regarded as a founder of both Minimal and Conceptual art. He also contributed to the definition of the movement with two important essays: Paragraphs on Conceptual Art (1967) and Sentences on Conceptual Art (1969). He began making wall drawings in 1968. In the course of time, the earliest examples, constituted by pencil lines in patterns of verticals, horizontals, and diagonals on a 45-degree angle, came to include circles and arcs and colored pencil.
language:Italiano / English pages: 102 illustrations: 60 binding: flexible bound release: spring 2006
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