Philippe Parreno

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Text by Philippe Parreno and Nancy Spector

ISBN: 9788862082532

We have been looking for life on an extrasolar planet with a mass similar to Earth’s and a star like the Sun, when it is more likely that we will find life on a planet smaller than Earth with more than one sun, dwarf stars. If life emerges from Continuously Habitable Zones (C.H.Z.) around these planets so does an interesting scenario. In a world with two suns, the vegetation would be black. The project began with a short film, C.H.Z., for which a black landscape was created in Rua do Tarrio, Famalicão, Portugal.

The landscape reads as a script for the film and the film produced the landscape. And now a book. The book opens with the series of ink drawings of the garden, which Parreno used as a storyboard for his film. A progression of film stills follow, outlining the seven stages of life in this zone between science and fiction. Then aerial photographs of the landscape in Portugal as it is now show how it continues to live and change. A narrative by Philippe Parreno and an essay written by Nancy Spector, deputy director and Chief Curator of the Guggenheim Museum.

The book, edited by Karen Marta, is a co-publication of Fondation Beyeler and Damiani.
language:English pages: 144 illustrations: 53 binding: hardback release: fall 2012
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