Dreaming of Ingmar Bergman

Jill Mathis

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ISBN: 9788862082150

This is a book with Bergman which creates a stage for a dialog between three generations, three different cultures and three different points of view which has as its center a rapport between the image, the word and human existence. Ingmar Bergman, Jill Mathis and Roberto Mastroianni come together on a delimited ground from the image and the word and from this propitious encounter is born an artistic-philosophical dialog.
The existential value, one could say religious, of the images inspired by the Bergmanian poetic becomes the playing field for this photographic/ artistic research, and at the same time, it is a tribute to the life and times of the great director, writer and Swedish playwright, Bergman. The book is, in fact, the result of an artistic etymological/philosophical and photographic research on the places and the Bergman poetic. Jill Mathis created the photographs around the evocative words found in Bergman productions based on the dialog between Bergman and Mastroianni (i.e. Persona, Alone, Religion, Whisper, Desire, Seal, Confession, Forgiveness, Grace…). The Swedish spaces where Bergman lived and filmed (Uppsala, Stockholm, the island of Fårö), the themes and the Bergmanian words are seen as such and recounted Through a lens darkly, which is 'Through a glass darkly' expanding the evocative power of the worlds and the Bergmanian images.
language:English / Italian
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