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Franco Fontana

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A journey diary by Franco Fontana. Preface by Walter Guadagnini and Vittorio Sgarbi.

ISBN: 978 88 901304 8 9

The unpublished photographs in this book are taken from Franco fontana's sketchbooks of visual notes in which are collected his daily "exercise". In his urban panoramas, his landscapes, his faces, and his nudes, Franco Fontana exalts the memory of vision, adding his oen emotion, culture and creative sensitivity. He achieves this through colour and his beautiful intensely poetic images.
Art critic Vittorio Sgarbi writes in the preface: These are highly cultured, subtle and refined photographs in which precise and solid equilibrium win through with an architecture of pure geometry. he photographs are the result of Franco Fontana's constant and tenaceous research and creation which, in the absence of any mythologized technique, asserts itself through colour in order to create his artistic and communicative style. This style reigns supreme in his exhibitions, workshops, books, calendars, catalogues and advertising cammpaigns, the demand for which is ever increasing.
language:English pages: 152 illustrations: 180 binding: paperback release: fall 2004
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