Giovanni Marrozzini

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“Transmitting from a house in Argentina lit in the night that makes the Atlantic distance the nearest memory and no photograph will be enough for us.”  Text by Giovanna Calvenzi.

ISBN: 978 88 6208 088 0

Argentina, a word that awakens deep memories in people who have never moved away from Italy. Recalling melodies, faces, landscapes, parts of history far away and yet so near. A real brotherhood, made up of blood and shared culture, mutual homesickness. Giovanni Marrozzini had to contend with this nostalgia some years ago while working on a long project which he named “Hotel Argentina” dedicated to a country which he did not want to write about but only to “go through it and beyond the tango, Maradona’s goals... a long journey through time and the centuries, through the gloom of the past times with the imagination of a future”. These are some of the sentences on his website, and he himself writes: “I saw Argentina for the first time as a large hotel with many rooms and in each room a story. The concept of just writing a report was too belittling according to me and I had to build my own story, connecting three pictures together, three moments of the same reality”. Whenever he met those Italians from Argentina who asked thousands of questions, and their constant need to know and not to know what had become of their native country, and in which way their city or that of their parents had changed. He returned to Argentina in March 2007 to start a new project “Echi”, this time in search of all those who had left Fermo many years before, from the Marches, to shape their own future beyond the Atlantic Ocean. His own journey of thirty thousands miles took three and a half months, travelling by plane, bus and car. Meeting these migrants he listened to their personal stories and was able to compile an accurate report on the phenomenon of migration. He met about thirty people and his images werebuilt from their tales. The project no longer provides a vision of their faces or their homes, but the reconstruction of situations engraved in their memory. The report becomes a novel, written by many hands, an unpredictable story, born from the memories of others. Giovanna Calvenzi
language:Italiano / English / Español pages: 96 illustrations: 60 binding: hardback release: december 2008
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