Il liutaio Pietro Trimboli

Pietro Trimboli

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A violin maker. Life and work of the Maestro from Bologna.

ISBN: 978 88 6208 198 6

Pietro Trimboli, heir to the great Bolognese school, was a student of Otello Bignami, who was, in turn, a pupil of Gaetano Pollastri and a descendant of the prestigious school of Raffaele Fiorini. Pietro’s instruments capture the characteristics of this great regional Italian school in the twentieth century.
His production is imbued with Bolognese style, whose genius and authenticity Pietro has effectively and consistently immortalised to this day. Many instruments belonging to the string quartet family have come out of his shop, but he has also made fine double basses, an aspect of his work that I value immensely.
His work is popular with Italian musicians, as well as with musicians throughout Europe and in Asia, especially Japan, China and Korea. One of the reasons for his success, in addition to having been nurtured in the fertile environment of Bolognese violin making, is his continual experimentation with models and varnish. His unwavering pursuit of perfection has led him to produce excellent results in terms of both acoustics and aesthetics.
language:Italiano / English pages: 80 illustrations: 70 binding: hardback release: September 2011
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