Matteo Basilè

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ISBN: 978 88 6208 163 4

Thishumanity is the first monograph by Matteo Basilé. This book is a personal diary which describes a crossing, a journey into the intimate world of disparate and elusive human geographies which Basilé has explored in the course of an attentive and profound enquiry into the infinite and transitory nature of difference. The work is organised into three chapters, three independent journeys and three landscapes, in which he traces the map of his own personal humanism. This first, from 2007, is a visionary trip through princely places and archaeological sites such as Reggia di Caserta and Piscina Mirabilis, places which remind us of our folk memory and the sacredness of man. The second, dates to 2008, when he moved to Bali, where Thisoriented was born.
The final chapter, still in progress, is his own dairy, Thishumanity, an all-female page which, in spite of origins, religions and cultures, consists of a shared archive of memories, wounds, and aspirations.
language:Italiano / English
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