Eros Renzetti

Eros Renzetti

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ISBN: 978 88 6208 193 1

Artist Eros Renzetti is taking part in the 54th Venice Biennial International Art Exhibition in  the Italy Pavilion at the Arsenale, proposed by  writer Vincenzo Consolo. A writer and essayist, Consolo is considered to be one of the major contemporary Italian authors and the winner of the prestigious Premio Strega for Nottetempo, casa per casa, in 1992. He comments: “I chose  to present artist Eros Renzetti at the Venice Biennial, in the Italy Pavilion at the Arsenale, because I found this artist's work  to be extremely   striking and persuasive. His male figures with helmets, like  the warrior of Dodona, seen in profile, his "presences" of faces, his nudes, his "tattoos" and, above all, his colours, reminded me of the great surrealist painting  of Leonor Fini, of Fabrizio Clerici or of Alberto Savinio." Indeed, Renzetti was a pupil of and assistant to Fabrizio Clerici and closely linked to Leonor Fini, who wrote the catalogue presentation on the occasion of his first exhibition in 1995.
language:Italiano / English pages: 112 illustrations: 105 binding: hardback release: June 2011
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