Seduzione delle tracce

Nino Migliori

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Nino Migliori (Bologna, 1926) is a great Italian photographer with a great personality and great artistic versatility: curious optimistic, very careful observer and great investigator, he is one of few photographers to be able to shift the focus of our usual perceptions. Generous and free men, endowed with instantaneous luminosity, he is attracted from all that is new, with an irresistible penchant for all that is experimental, Migliori was able to sublimate his work, continually changing his line of research and preserving an high qualitative stringency, remodernizing during the years themes or techniques already been tried. His investigations, since the late '40s, range from realistic images of everyday life (see the famous 'Tuffatore'), to the photography's language analysis (oxidation, pirogramma, hydrograph, frame ...), to the investigation about witnesses left on the walls and then he has continued with other techniques invented by himself. At Camera16 a wide selection dedicated to Migliori's path about oxidations from the first, rare and preciouse of 1948, to the subsequent of '80s and 1996, to the least 2010 new series. The oxidation's work draws a summary cross on Migliori's photographic narrative. They are all unique pieces, OFFCAMERA work of irresistible charm. The historicals photos are conceptual and abstract, figurative and delicate the recent ones. Also on display a POLAORO selection, unique exemplars on the landscape theme, the polaroid's interpretation that Migliori twists and personalizes by hand, pressing on the paper with a specific tip in the development phase, and then subsequently developing and resting on a delicate gold leaf to enhance and to enrich holes and gashes of his interventions. The remain soul, the paper on the polaroid back, becomes itself an opera, a SINOP, a double soul of the same image made itself a precious unicum. The exhibition is completed with 'Tempo rallentato' works , a portraits of fruits and vegetables enclosed in glass jars, to witness how nature can be the most valuable form of art, with its colors and its breathtaking overall views.
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