In equilibrio tra due punti sospesi

Silvano Rubino

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Glass, silk, marble in Silvano Rubino artworks.

ISBN: 978 88 6208 149 8

Changeable outlines, reflective or invisible surfaces, incalculable thickness and momentary balances hamper a strightforward view of the works, making the observer look more intently, scrutinizing, excavating with the eyes, understanding.
In some places, opacity gives us a sense of presence, of a comforting objectivity, whilst in others the play oflight and shadow dematerialises the details of the work and invites more attention, so that it is our understanding guiding our vision.
In Silvano Rubino's works it is not enough to see and recognize shapes from daily life because that would lead to misleading and illusory reality, exposed by the weakness of perception, betrayed by a blind faith in what we see.
It is not possible just to recognize the things which furnish our lives and see them simply transofermed into an unusual material.
We need to go further and see what they allude to; taking them from the silence that surrounds them.
Chiara Casarin
language:Italiano / English pages: 96 illustrations: binding: paperback release: june 2010
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