Diana Scheunemann

Diana Scheunemann

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Sexy and shocking: the first publication of a provocative photographer… Text by Christof Moser e Rankin.

ISBN: 978 88 89431 14 6

Diana Scheunemann's work actually requires few words. Even the most cursory of glances through this incredible collection gives the viewer the most intimate insight into her electric, scary, sexy, witty, hilarious otherworldly existence. Whether catching a glimpse of a solitary midnight swim, a moment of intense climax, or a naked masked ghoul on the back seat of the family saloon Diana's subjects are the anti-heros of our bland cofee table culture. Every page crackles with a raw energy and a visual dexterity, leads you helplessy onwards through this fantastical exhibition of sex, nightmares, life, death, rock'n'roll and everything along the way. Most importantly there is always a punchline and always a reason to celebrate being alive.
This new book; truly shocking, memorable and inspiring from start to finish is a moving and decisive exploration of all aspects of the human condition, a real test of the last few boundaries of public taste and decency, and a damn good ride. Fundamentally these images are about life and all it can possibly throw at you, there is no other story worth telling and few other photographers I would rather hear it from... Enjoy!
language:Italiano / English pages: 176 illustrations: 130 binding: hardback uscita: fall 2005
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