Francesco Nonino

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Clouds between art and science Text by Roberta Valtorta.

ISBN: 9788889431344

Atmospheres show us a spectacular series of clouds, imposingly hanging over tiny but extremely detailed landscapes crowded with minute traces of human presence. Buildings, roads, and people appear as dimensional references emphasizing the grandeur of the sky. The caption of each image reports the scientific name of the appearing cloud, thereby creating an intriguing mix os science and art, reason and emotion.
Nonino achieves a complex narrative tableau, partially similar to scientific drawings and partially similar to strong and necessarily photographic images. This is due not only to the classic black and white of its visual substance, but (more importantly) to the strong rooting to space and time to which the sky is submitted. It is a bond to precise terrestrial events that only photography, with its historic duty and fate, can record (Roberta Valtorta).
Francesco Nonino (Udine, Italy, 1960) starts photographing as a self-taught, and subsequently improves his technical and aesthetical skills by attending the courses held by Claudio Marra and Italo Zannier at the University and at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. In 1990s he works in New York as studio assistant with Annie Leibovitz and collaborates with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. His work is part of the following collections: National Institute of Graphics (ministry of Culture, Rome), Bibliothéque Nationale de France (Paris). He lives and work in Bologna.
language:Italiano / English / Deutsch pages: 96 illustrations: 40 binding: hardback: release: fall 2005
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