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The beauty os seeds, flowers and trees. Edited by Mark Fletcher. Text by Tim Smit, Fumiaki Takano, Jane Goodall, Robério Dias, Dan Hinkley, Michael Seresin.

ISBN: 9788889431290

Plantworlds is an inspirational collection of images which show in detail seeds, flowers, trees, leaves, grasses and stalks. enlighting the extraordinary geometry of living plants. Through the lens of Andrea Jones, the abstract and graphic shapes of plants are brought to life, from the simplest seed to the most complex-looking cactus. With this publication, the photographer aims at offering a new look at the plant kingdom, informing, enlightening and entertain the reader, while helping him appreciate the complex links between ourselves and the natural world. As Jones herself writes: I simply intend, within the pages of this book to look at the beauty of plants from a different viewpoint, with the hope that this may encourage others to take a second look at the wonders that exist under our noses. Each chapter of Plantworlds is introduced by the contribution of well-known plant enthusiasts, including Tim Smit, Jane Goodall and Daniel J. Hinkley, and is devoted to a particular continent, showing extraordinary images of plants native to that particular region.
Andrea Jones is one of the world’s leading plant, garden and landscape photographers. Her pictures have appeared in many books, magazines and newspapers worldwide, including Gardens Illustrated, Garden Design (USA), House and Garden, Country Living, The Saturday Telegraph, etc..
language:Italiano pages: 320 illustrations: 220 binding: hardcover with sleeve release: fall 2005
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