Post Tsunami Art

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18 artists from malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Edited by Primo Marella e Eleonora Battiston.

ISBN: 978 88 6208 090 3

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Eighteen artists from Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. More than 150 works that document the most recent artistic production of southeast Asia, amid spontaneity, political engagement and desperate vitality. The reality in which this numerous group of artists operate is efficaciously exemplified in a work by Yee I-Lann: two men with astonished expressions arrive at a coast (or are they still on the high seas?) followed by a mythological bird, the bearer – perhaps – of good luck. Primo Marella writes in the introduction: “It seems that the destiny of South East Asia, at least as far as art is concerned, is inversely proportional to that of the international economic situation and to the consequent ability to react in the face of the difficulties it triggers in people. Some years ago, at the height of a flourishing economy that affected the whole world, Asia in particular, this territory, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines suffered one of the worst catastrophes in the history of humanity. Today an international crisis of as yet unknown proportions is affecting the whole world, overwhelming not only the banks and the most productive areas, but also the Asian art that had chiefly emerged over recent years. Now from this subcontinent a generation of artists with uncommon qualities is making its name, attracting the interest and involvement of markets, institutions and enthusiasts as never before on this territory”.
language:English pages: 168 illustrations: 140 binding: hardback release: october 2009
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