Michael Doster

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80s fashion, 90s fashion

ISBN: 978 88 6208 091 0

80’s fashion, 90’s fashion. A time dizzily balanced between opulence and austerity. A period filed away too hastily and superficially amid the worn out commonplaces of hypertrophic shoulder straps and excessive consumption of lacquer… In going back over those two decades for this book Michael Doster has selected more than 300 fashion photos shot, precisely, between the early 80’s and the advent of so called minimalism and the mass use of Photoshop, a period when, in the photographer’s opinion, “the art of makeup, styling and shooting could still be defined as such.” So in the foreground the grandeur of fashion, which makes a show of itself now on top of New York skyscrapers, now in the Paris boulevards where splendid models pose like spellbinding sirens. Doster thus directs an uninterrupted défilé, between sportswear and couture: Ungaro, Sherrer, Saint Laurent, on the one hand, and Calvin Klein, De la Renta, Ralph Lauren on the other. Scintillating clothes, kitsch and haute couture star systems, intermingled on a catwalk featuring the breathtaking beauty of Gia Carangi, Marpessa, Isabel Pasco, Iman and other leading figures of the day. Super models, super heels, super makeup, super bijoux in a book to be leafed through straight off, like a glossy magazine… Born in 1938, Michael Doster attended Photography School in Zurich and later began his career as a photographer in Munich. After working in Milan and Paris, in 1974 he moved to New York where he has worked with the most prestigious fashion houses.
language:English pages: 304 illustrations: 300 binding: hardback with jacket release: october 2009
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