San Daniele

Mario Dondero, Marco Signorini

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Nature, people, town, prosciutto del Friuli. An evocativ path of images captured by Mario Dondero and Marco Signorini.

ISBN: 978 88 6208 110 8

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San Daniele, Nature, People, Town, Prosciutto del Friuli consists of an evocative path of images captured by the two great Italian photographers Mario Dondero and Marco Signorini – described and  commented on by Antonio Giusa – that fixes on the printed page centuries of history, of places, of oral traditions and practices passed down from father to son.
Prosciutto has always been tied to the work of people, but also to the moments of the convivial pleasures of the table: in the osterie of San Daniele and all over Friuli it has been tasted for centuries with wine; as Pino Roveredo recounted speaking of his visions of himself as a child and of the extraordinary effect “of bringing people together” that such prosciutto can have.
San Daniele in fact, and as the work of the two photographers demonstrates with remarkable efficacy, goes beyond the product to become itself a sort of witness and  means of communication  of the extraordinary culture of prosciutto, until rising – incorporating in itself the community of producers, the places and the production chain – to a representative category of the quality of life with regard to the healthy characteristics of the product and of the alimentary styles.
language:Italiano / English pages: 96 illustrations: 70 binding: hardback release: may 2009
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