Soft Cell

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Space dynamics in Italy.

ISBN: 978 88 6208 071 2

Soft Cell: Spatial Dynamics in italy is a critical review that documents the work of 82 artists that are among the most significant on the Italian peninsula. Other than document the ample variety and richness of this generationof artists under 40, this survey theorizes about the topicality and necessity of a direct and stratified confrontation with the object that moves within space, and is understood with the significance furmulated by Futurism.
The publication is subdivided in three sections: critical, iconographic and scientific. The curator Andrea Bruciati and the critics Barbara Casavecchia, Chiara Leoni, Paola Nicolin, Lorenzo Bruni and Marco Tagliaferro. The catalog is presented in a rich iconographic format, with reproductions of the artist's most significant work accompanied with a clear and informative survey of the individual works by anita Tania Giuga.
language:Italiano / English pages: 320 illustrations: 150 binding: paperback with sleeves+CD release: september 2009
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