A poet in action

Gianluigi di Napoli

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The many faces of the 21st century's most celebrated clown. Foreword by Ferruccio Soleri. Text by David Larible.

ISBN: 978 88 6208 047 7

Gianluigi di Napoli presents an anthology of images dedicated to David Larible, for years defined by the press as "the world’s greatest clown", he is perhaps the only living comedian who can perform in the intimacy of a theatre as well as for important audiences like Madison Square Gardens.
The clown is regarded as the circus’ core, an emblematic and alien character whose task is to guide the audience back to its incredulous naivety of dreams, and of the mysteroius beings living in the big top...
language:Italiano / English / Deutsch pages: 96 illustrazions: 56 binding: paperback uscita: April 2008
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