Impero ENI

Dorothea Deschermeier

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ISBN: 978 88 6208 065 1

For the first time, a comprehensive publication examines in all its aspects the universe of ENI (Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi), Italy’s national oil and gas company, and of its legendary president, Enrico Mattei. From the company’s establishment in the early 1950s to the creation, in the space of just a decade, of a veritable empire, the volume carries out a thorough analysis of ENI’s most significant achievements in the fields of architecture and urban planning, both in Italy and abroad. Using previously unpublished photographic materials, housed in the company’s historical archives, the book documents, among others, the residential units in Gela and Ravenna, the recreational facilities of Corte di Cadore in the Dolomites and Pugnochiuso in the Gargano (Apulia), as well as the pipelines, factories, service stations and other projects, all of which are characterized by high stylistic consistency, great functionality and, above all, incredibly fast completing times (with an extraordinary impact on the sectors of marketing, publishing and design). Such an empire reached its acme with the building of Metanopoli, the town in the outskirts of Milan which came to symbolize Italy’s economic boom.The rapid rise of the ENI giant, however, was not meant to last, and came to an abrupt stop with the untimely and mysterious death of its leader, Mattei, in 1962.
language:Italiano pages: 192 illustrations: 120 binding: paperback release: spring 2009
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