Umanità intensiva

Daniele Cudini

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Texts by Vittoria Coen and Stefanie Kreuzer

ISBN: 978 88 6208 064 4

Daniele Cudini has succeded in coining his own extremely idiosyncratic language through his iridescent and irreverent painting, bent on revealing the internal logic of the images and the contradictions of our times, playing on the ambiguity of the subjects and meanings, with words, signs, the play of paint on canvas and paper that often create installations and where the merit of the work is essentially in the statements it makes (…) The population that resides in the works of Daniele Cudini is varied and extraordinary, a “umanità intensiva” as the artist calls it, with disquieting families that seem to have been spawned in horror films, Elvis Presley in dark shades smiling at the camera, bloated and vulnerable in his dress-uniform, animals and people that mingle in the kaleidoscopic universe of a painting suspended in a void, save for when the artist binds himself to architecture and environments where design artefacts are easily discerned. Wally, the curious doll that so often appears, seems almost to be the narrator of these photograms of history, like the narrator’s voice in a film, whilst elsewhere bored and cynical youth awaits new legends.
Vittoria Coen
language:Italiano / English / Deutsch pages: 112 illustrations: 80 binding: hardback release: spring 2008
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