Mario de Biasi

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200 unpublished photographs by Mario De Biasi. Text by Walter Guadagnini.

ISBN: 978 88 89431 11 5

People brings together more than 200 unpublished photographs by Mario De Biasi that were taken from the 1950s to nowadays. In this selection De Biasi portrays people of everywhere in the world.
This book sets out to pay homage to this variety in the photographer's tireless research, that of a man who passed through a multitude of different times, places and cultures armed with a curiosity for humankind and for its infinite manifestations which was to become a leitmotif linking his various styles and subjects, uniting every possible moment of that which is both experience of life and photography. Walter Guadagnini
language:Italiano / English / Deutsch / Français pagine: 152 illustrazioni: 148 rilegarura: cartonato uscita: primavera 2005
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