The Conversation | Collector's Edition

Geoffroy de Boismenu

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De Boismenu has changed himself by embracing patience… Text by Timothee Verrecchia.

ISBN: 978 88 89431 17 7

Some say you cannot change people... Geoffroy De Boismenu changed himself by embracing patience, the word and solitude. With time pressing him he gave in to the trial of strenght. For him conversation is an admission of weakness, and perhaps his confidence as an artist comes from understanding that the natural beauty of a rock is worth as much as the noise of a city. This is a deed of modesty and generosity, not a luxury.

Known for his fashion photography, his celebrity portraits and his advertising campaigns, lately Geoffroy De Boismenu brings forward a peculiar research on the power and the "eroticism" of nature. The result is this book that portrays the enchanting rocks of Arizona.
language:English pages: 60 illustrations: 40 binding: paperback with cover in slate release: spring 2005
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