Out of the Red

Primo Giovanni Marella, Eleonora Battiston, Shu Yang, Francesca Jordan

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The emerging generation of chinese photographers. Edited by Primo Giovanni Marella, text by Eleonora Battiston, Shu Yang and Francesca Jordan.

ISBN: 9788890130496

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Out of the Red presents the work of 18 young Chinese photographers. Three curators specialised in the Chinese fi eld lead the reader through examples of photography, videos and performance art. The book’s intention is to let the creativity and individuality of the artists shine, to show what they have to contribute to the international art world and to give readers a glimpse of China’s current cultural and social landscape, a landscape to which the work of every artist adds a layer of representation and interpretation. A collection of images in which respect to tradition and to chinese origins exists alongside a new artistic language infused with broader geographic connotations. A language that marks, to a certain extent, the passage from cultural isolation to a wider perspective strongly characterized by the personal and eclectic use of video art and of the most innovative photographic techniques.
Among the works featuring in Out of the Red, are photographs by Hong Lei, Li Wei, Liu Jin, Ma Liuming, Song Yongping, Yang Fudong, Wang Qingsong and Zhao Bandi.
language:english pages: 240 illustrations: 210 binding: hardcover with jacket release: spring 2004
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