Joel Meyerowitz


Joel Meyerowitz (born March 6, 1938) is a street photographer and portrait and landscape photographer. He began photographing in color in 1962 and was an early advocate of the use of color during a time when there was significant resistance to the idea of color photography as serious art. In 1962, inspired by seeing Robert Frank at work, Meyerowitz quit his job as an art director at an advertising agency and took to the streets of New York City with a 35mm camera and Colors film. Garry Winogrand, Tony Ray-Jones, Lee Friedlander, Tod Papageorge, and Diane Arbus were photographing there at the same time. The fleeting moments of street life in New York City and other American cities that Meyerowitz has captured are some of the earliest and best-known examples of color street photography. Many of his photographs are icons of modern photography, and made Meyerowitz, along with William Eggleston and Stephen Shore, one of the most influential modern photographers and representatives of the “New Color Photography” of the 1960s and 70s. Meyerowitz photographed the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center and was the only photographer allowed unrestricted access to Ground Zero immediately following the attack. This resulted in his book Aftermath: World Trade Center Archive.


His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, and many other museums worldwide. His work has appeared in over 350 exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the world.


Joel Meyerowitz is represented by Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York.


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    Wild Flowers | Collector's Edition Joel Meyerowitz

    € 850,00

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    Wild Flowers Joel Meyerowitz

    € 50,00

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    Cézanne's Objects. Pitcher (2018) | Collector's Edition Joel Meyerowitz


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    Cézanne's Objects. Pitcher (2017) | Collector's Edition Joel Meyerowitz

    € 950,00

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    Cézanne's Objects Joel Meyerowitz

    € 45,00

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    Silent Beaches, Untold Stories: New York City’s Forgotten Waterfront Elizabeth Albert

    € 35,00

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    Morandi’s Objects. White Bottles | Collector's Edition Joel Meyerowitz


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    Morandi’s Objects. The Last Object | Collector's Edition Joel Meyerowitz


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    Morandi’s Objects Joel Meyerowitz



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